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The safety and security of important personnel is of utmost concern. Hence, you must take into consideration the high level of protection that we will use in your vehicle. The different features that are incorporated in the Lexus LX750 ensure that you have a perfect vehicle that is suitable for utmost safety and security in emergency situations of ballistic threats. The best part about these vehicles is that it has absolutely unnoticeable armoring.


This is among the most dependable and durable armored cars in this world and carry on to be the option for those functioning in distant locations with a need to transport the occupants through rocky land in incomparable luxury. 

When you get an armoured Lexus LX750 from MSPV, you know it can stand up to the challenge because it has already been tested. We test more than just our armour plates, we test the entire vehicle with ballistic and blast tests. 

MSPV  Manufacturing is one of its worldwide best-sellers sitting at the pinnacle of luxury, performance and personal security.


• Luxurious protection
• Various protection level – B4+, B6, B7 
• Run-flats Wheel
• Upgraded Suspension
• Full Seating Capacity
• Certified Ballistics Steel & Glass
• Protected Fuel Tank
• Ecu and Battery Protection

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