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This booster can be plugged to small generator like tiger generator and bigger generating plants.It does not affect the sound of the generator neither will it destroy your generator set in any ways. It will help you to plug your iron and other heating elements in the output of your generating plant without  damage to your generator coil e.g:Ironing of clothes,water heater,electric
kettle, microwave, electric cooker/Hot plate,toaster,blender.The consumption rate is small to allow you plug other things like:Tv,Fan,light bulbs,computer, phone charger and stereo system.The booster enhances and prolongs the life of your generator by absorbing the pressure from your high current appliances.Has no contact with your generator and therefore does not harm the Coil No damage to generator. Gone are the days when you wait for Nepa and PHCN before you use your appliances.Iron booster is a cautioner between the supplier and the load.It lightens the load plugged on it.It can also be used with electricity (Nepa Lights)You can use it with small and big generator plants it reduces quantity of current that is flowing to the appliances from pre-paid meter.The booster economizes your energy consumption.

Importance of booster.
1. Easy to apply
2. Have no negative effect on your generator sets.
3. Does not stop you from using other loads like bulbs, cd, TV sets etc.
4. Does not increase fuel consumptions.
5. Very cheap and affordable.
6. You use it to plug your electric iron and boiler to your small generator without any effect on the plant.

Buy generator booster as gift for friends and relatives,tell your co-workers,church members and the people in your village about the booster,it is very useful for people living in areas without
Nepa light and irregular power supply.

This is a new product, I am looking for marketers that will help promote this products. If you are interested in marketing this product, please call 08166198009 You will never regret marketing this product because you have a lot to gain,no competition
and the price is affordable.

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