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wanted to be a star? Ever wanted to be famous? Ever dreamt of sitting in the hall of fame with your name going places? Now is the time for you to live your dream Nvest Fashion is looking for new, emerging talents in Nigeria and across the continent for auditions into roles for its upcoming programmes.

This is a call for talented young people of all ethnicities in Nigeria and Africa. It is an invitation to stardom for those who have skills in Acting, Presenting, Modeling or even Comedy. It is a call to be a part of Africa’s first global black entertainment network and be on the way to the Hall of Fame.

The Audition ceremony is in staying true to Nvest Fashion‘s commitment to the vision of being the home of the best of African content and programming available on the continent. Nvest Fashion is driven by the key passion drivers of its target demographic to create authentically Nigerian, and indeed African content that is not only original but also interactive and participatory, as well as capable of cutting across a unique multiplicity of media platforms, including TV, Web, Mobile, Apps and Live.

Nvest Fashion is already working to create over 2000 hours of never-seen-before, exciting, relevant and tested programming for the viewing pleasure and engagement of its core target, Africa’s most important demographic, the youth market. These are the custodians of the present and future; a new generation that is more informed, more mobile, more technologically-savvy and certainly more adventurous in the pursuit of its innate passions and abilities.

Hopefully the auditions will be great news for all Nigerian and African youths who do not want life to pass them by. The auditions are for the truly talented as well as for those who feel they are not achieving their dreams fast enough, or who feel stuck in a dead end job, or those who are unemployed or bored at school and looking for some excitement. Nvest Fashion could soon change all that. Nvest Fashion encourages its target demographic to dare to be all that they want to be, to let go of their limitations and step up to fame.

And there can be no easier way to acquiring choice goodies this Yuletide than this as all that the contestants need to do to win is just to prove their popularity amongst their family, friends, fans and associates on the Facebook. A shimmering SUV Jeep goes to the person that is first to gather 10,000 votes. A zoom-zoom Power Bike can be grabbed by the first to get 5,000 votes. Destination holidays in Dubai, London, New York City, Paris and elsewhere, with expenses paid visits to the Fashion Festivals, will go to the quickest contestants to arrive at 3,000 votes.

Nvest Fashion Auditions 
Date: 10th January and 11th January 2015
Time: 8am and 5pm
Venue: Only applicable to people who apply on the Facebook page  , Victoria Island, Lagos
For any enquiries, please  text / whatsapp on +91-9716566752 or email:

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