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Noni Uses, Benefits & Apollo syrup

Blood pressure
Muscle Pain
Heart Disease
Hiv- Aids
Breast Cancer
92% Stomach Pain
Immune Booster
Weak Digestive System
Blood Circulation
Skin Problem
Respiratory Infection
Provides Energy in Old Age
Stomach Ulcer
Gastric Ulcer

Morinda Citrifolia (Apollo Syrup) has medicinal properties. 100% Organic Pure Healthy Life Apollo Syrup is packed with…

    Apollo Syrup contains more than 200 Isolated Neutraceuticals.
    17 Amino Acids (including the 9 required for optimum health out of the main 20).
    Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, Niacin, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid (B5) and Folic Acid.
    Minerals like: Calcium, Iron, Neosin, Folic acid, Phantothenic acid, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Sodium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Alkaloids, Potassium, Nitric Oxide and carbohydrates are contained in Noni.
    Apart from these Scopolitin, Anthroquinone, Damnacanthal, Phytonutrient, Selenium and necessary fatty acids Noni contains 40 times more proxeronine than any other fruits. Proxeronine Enzyme combines with proxeronase (a substance found naturally in human body) and is converted into Xeronine Alkaloid in our body.

All above is required by our body on a daily basis. It is a powerful detoxifier, removing the toxic residues from our cell membranes, allowing the cell membrane to be soft and supple for effective cell membrane communication.

Research has shown that Healthy Life Apollo Syrup contains an enzyme called, Pre-xeronine, which combines the naturally occurring an Enzyme called, Pre-xeronese, to produce Xeronine, an alkaloid which is required by every cell of the body to work effectively. Healthy Life Apollo Syrup has also proved to be powerful pain manager, without any side effects.

Healthy Life Apollo Syrup is also proved to be a stress reliever and immune system regulator. Morinda Citrifolia work as an adoptogen, making the body systems work to normal levels.

Healthy Life Apollo Syrup helps to improve the body’s self healing mechanism. It improves digestion and quality of blood in the body. It is food for the cell. When the cells are healthy, the tissues, organs and body systems and the entire body become healthy. Noni helps the system to absorb that micro-nutrients from the food we eat, by opening the pores of the cell membrane. Noni fruit has proved to be powerful health enhancer.

Healthy Life is leading Apollo Syrup Manufacturer, exporters of Apollo syrup from Noni Fruit, providing its benefits through Healthy Life Apollo Syrup (Pure)available in 450ml and 900 ml bottles.

You will experience Wellness and Well-being within a few days / weeks / months, depending on your current body condition.

Drink plenty of good & clean water throughout the day to help your body to flush out toxins. If you get a Toxin Cleansing Response (a headache or soft motion or itchy skin), drink more water and skip a dose or two depending on how you feel.

Our Aim is a Simple One:

To make this wonderful Gift of Divine Nature Herbs Apollo Syrup affordable to everyone who would benefit from its use. Because of this our Apollo syrup and other Healthy Life Products are the most affordable in the world.


Comprising powerful combination of herbs, the offered medication assists in –

    Shake Well – Take 30ml of Apollo Syrup
    Mix 30ml Apollo Syrup properly with 60ml of Warm Water
    Drink It.
    Normal People can drink once a day.
    Patient or The Person feel sick or weakness in the body can drink 2 times a day.

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Address: No.43 Baba pon mile, Punch estate, mangoro, ikeja, lagos.
         No.56, allen avenue, ikeja,Lagos, Nigeria.

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