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MSPV Armored Falcon 180 and 205 are commonly used model in European, African & Asian countries, making it an ideal platform for armored passenger bus conversion.

All four sides of the passenger compartment and the roof of the vehicle are protected using high-quality armour steel and glass to defeat the chosen threat-level. The MSPV Falcon is available in protection levels B4+ (AK47 standard ammunition, VPAM APR2006 level 6) and B6 (Assault rifles with ball or armoured piercing ammunition, CEN1522 and 1063 level 6 – VPAM APR2006 levels 7). Various protection levels are available ranging from B4+ (AK47 standard ammunition, VPAM APR2006 level 6) to B6 and B7 (Assault rifles with ball ammunition, CEN1522 and 1063 levels 6 and 7 – VPAM APR2006 levels 7 and 9).

The floor of the vehicle is protected against blast and fragments of explosive threats such as the industry-standard two DM51 hand-grenades, with higher protection available up to land-mines such as the DM31.

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