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Teso Tech sliding door products are compliant to numerous installation specifications. It’s modeled for large traffic conditions including busy pedestrian numbers places (Hotels, Super Markets, Hospitals, Airports, etc) and mini-sized users (Home, Offices, Restaurants etc).

It’s major qualities are its quiet opening and closing operations; it’s flexible stability and it’s fast and easy installation.


* Best quality design, regulates superb running speed, time, forceand distance

* Correct capability thanks to the special high grade encoder

* Solid operation guarantee, pushing or pulling the door will not make software scrabble.

* personal-lock motor on night task, Operated by remote.

* Lock against unwanted people’s operation

* Automatic operation, Normal open, normal close, half open, 4 options accessible by remote

* High-level security protection role, re-open against barrier on door closing, and end encountering hitch on door opening

* Exceptional memory function, the door will approach slowly to the position where the obstacle prevail last time.

* workable practice for both individual leaf door and double leaf doors

* smooth installation, completely advantageous solutions

* magnificent longevity, advance 2 million cycles test

(1) Electronic sliding door mechanism are present in either single sliding, dua- parting or telescopic design.

(2)Standard configuration to make installation and balance more easy;

(3)Flexible to all kinds of door frames;

(4)Motor power regulation system with electronic turnaround for user protection;


SHARPNESS: Comfort from Top-tech microcontroller and Oriented customer idea, trouble-free to design operation and safety function.

SECURITY: With safety detector, it stop stroke accident from human body. Even when door is manually pulled or pushed, it will not temper with the system configuration; Special electronic lock qualified for controlling the movement of people. Alternative support power supply keep door at designed state while power off, guarantee human protection.

DEPENDABILITY: Produce skillful mechanic configuration and quality productivity DC brushless motor together with standard synchronous belt, door open quietly and durability. The system work optimally under a large scope of power from the standard design of voltage supply circuit.

LOCATION: Embrace updated configured concept and recent materials, shun resonating shake, door open fast and noiseless.

POWER SAVING: To reduce the air convection, the breadth of the door can be electronically programmed to relating values; Still with the secure style produced when closed, it block the convection from outside, assist to retain the temperature and humidity inside the room, and reduce the value of the air-condition as well.

FAVOURABLE : Automatically, the door open and close , reducing the stress of installation and dismounting.

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