Ofada Owode Phase II

You think becoming a land owner means you have to empty your life savings, don’t mind those rumour mongers that is not true! Some people are to scare to own a land or plot because they think it will drain millions of naira from them which they are not willing or ready to undertake.

 Look here! You can build a small portable bungalow with less than 1 million naira (N1,000,000), and you can also get a plot within 300,000 – 400,000 naira.  There are lands that are meant to meet your economic capacity after all not all of can afford wuse, Abuja or banana island, lagos.

If you fall into this group of economic class of citizen, then this offer is for you. You can get a plot (standard plot – 120ft X 60ft ) for just N400, 000 or half plot for N200,000; that will keep appreciating in value  and significance. Remember it is hard for a fixed asset like lands to depreciate as cars. Take action now!


          Starter plots(60 * 60ft -324sqm)

         –   Outright payment                            =  N200,000

         –   6 months payment                          =  N250,000

         –  Pay N41,670 monthly(x 6months)

         –  12 months payment                        =  N300,000

         –   Pay N25,000 monthly(x 12months)


          Classic plots(100 * 60ft – 450sqm)

          –  Outright payment                            =  N300,000

          – 6 months payment                          =  N350,000

          –  Pay N58,400 monthly(x 6months)

          – 12 months payment                        =  N400,000

          –  Pay N33,400 monthly(x 12months)


          Executive plots(120 * 60ft – 648sqm)

          –  Outright payment                            =  N400,000

          – 6 months payment                          =  N450,000

          –  Pay N583,400 monthly(x 6months)

          – 12 months payment                        =  N500,000

          –  Pay N333,400 monthly(x 12months)

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