lekki free trade

Ibeju lekki

Looking forward to owning  properties or a plot in high classed area? Do you dream to live where the elites are? Then don’t search further.

look here! Banana island didn’t come from heaven it was made on earth. Lekki free trade zone is in the making now, but some are just pretending not to know or just managing to ignore the noice of how economically important it will be 10yrs from now. Did I just say 10yrs? Yes.

10yrs into the future, most people who can see this advert would not be able to buy a quarter of a plot or  even go near their big gate or well-structured edifice in LFTZ.  The price of purchasing landed property or  a plot would have been haywire(mad price). Join the wagon of wise men who don’t want to regret not taking action while opportunity is still available. The time is now, take action. Buy, build and inhabit your plot.   


          Starter plots(60 * 60ft -324sqm)

            Outright payment                            =  N1,500,000

            6 months payment                          =  N2,000,000

            Pay N333,400 monthly(x 6months)

            12 months payment                        =  N2,500,000

            Pay N208,400 monthly(x 12months)


          Classic plots(100 * 60ft – 450sqm)

            Outright payment                            =  N2,000,000

            6 months payment                          =  N2,750,000

            Pay N458,400 monthly(x 6months)

            12 months payment                        =  N3,250,000

            Pay N270,840 monthly(x 12months)


          Executive plots(120 * 60ft – 648sqm)

            Outright payment                            =  N3,000,000

            6 months payment                          =  N3,500,000

            Pay N583,400 monthly(x 6months)

            12 months payment                        =  N4,000,000

            Pay N333,400 monthly(x 12months)

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