I met a guy 4 years back, who moved his family from ever busy mushin, lagos to lambe, ogun state. As usual I always want to know why people do what do what they do, the principle of fair hearing gives us such grace. I asked him why they left the bustling city to interior ogun, this what he had to tell me:

“I go out there to make money, I come over here to pump it here. We bought this land for N100, 000 where in mushin can I you get a plot at low price?… most importantly we are free from baba landlord and his sons palaver. I sleep and wake up at my leisure…”

He is among the few Nigerians who don’t leave opportunity for tomorrow to do, he look beyond his meagre earnings to achieve something posterity will remember him for. Had he let go of yesterday’s opportunity he would have bought the same plot of land for N800, 000, that is the miracle of buying fixed asset like land, it keeps appreciating in value.

AGBOWA IKORODU is selling, take action now!


          Starter plots(60 * 60ft -324sqm)

         –   Outright payment                            =  N400,000

         –   6 months payment                          =  N450,000

         –  Pay N75,000 monthly(x 6months)

         –  12 months payment                        =  N500,000

         –   Pay N41,670 monthly(x 12months)


          Classic plots(100 * 60ft – 450sqm)

          –  Outright payment                           =  N600,000

          – 6 months payment                          =  N650,000

          –  Pay N08,340 monthly(x 6months)

          – 12 months payment                        =  N700,000

          –  Pay N58,340 monthly(x 12months)


          Executive plots(120 * 60ft – 648sqm)

          –  Outright payment                           =  N800,000

          – 6 months payment                          =  N850,000

          –  Pay N141,670 monthly(x 6months)

          – 12 months payment                        =  N900,000

          –  Pay N75,000 monthly(x 12months)


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