Sango ifo – alamaku phase 1

You may have some cash now, but you are waiting till it become as much as wizkid cash or olamide owode. Look here! You are wasting precious time, and resources called money till it is completely depleted on worthless, valueless, un-useful, non-durable things, when the party is over and the hang over has lightened it will dawn on you.

Do you know why some people will never become landlord? They think things will always remain the same as usual. They say in their heart “oh! I am earning N120,000 every month.”  Have they cared to ask themselves if this pay check will continue to come in the next 20-30 yrs from now- that is if you don’t get sacked 3 yrs from now. Don’t forget employers can frown at you any time. Be wise! Be like those wise men in the bible who invested their talents and got returns on investment.

Buy Yourself a land, build  and inhabit.

Be free free from housing expenses(yearly rent) and landlord palava.

Be your own master , oga and landlord(stop dreaming to be when you as old as your mum or dad).


          Starter plots(60 * 60ft -324sqm)

            Outright payment                            =  N300,000

            6 months payment                          =  N350,000

            Pay N58,400 monthly(x 6months)

            12 months payment                        =  N400,000

            Pay N33,400 monthly(x 12months)


          Classic plots(100 * 60ft – 450sqm)

            Outright payment                            =  N450,000

            6 months payment                          =  N500,000

            Pay N83,400 monthly(x 6months)

            12 months payment                        =  N550,000

            Pay N45,840 monthly(x 12months)


          Executive plots(120 * 60ft – 648sqm)

            Outright payment                            =  N600,000

            6 months payment                          =  N650,000

            Pay N108,400 monthly(x 6months)

            12 months payment                        =  N700,000

            Pay N58,400 monthly(x 12months)

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