Your riches will call more attention when you have fixed asset that keep growing in value. Oh! I can hear somebody say Ferrari too. The sad truth about having a car is that your money keep depreciating in value year after year till it become worthless to calculate.

Two men were given 2million naira each as there entitlement, the first man spent 2 million to buy just 1 car. The second man spent the same value of money on 3 plots of land. over the years the second man’s asset keep increasing in value at the rate of 50% each year while the first man’s asset keep depreciating at the rate of 10%  each year.

Ten years later, the second man sold his 3 plots for 12million naira while the first man had nothing to show for his investment on a car.

Buy a plot now make wise investment


          Starter plots(60 * 60ft -324sqm)

         –   Outright payment                            =  N3,500,000

         –   6 months payment                          =  N4,000,000

         –  Pay N666,670 monthly(x 6months)

         –  12 months payment                        =  N4,500,000

         –   Pay N375,000 monthly(x 12months)


          Classic plots(100 * 60ft – 450sqm)

          –  Outright payment                           =  N5,250,000

          – 6 months payment                          =  N5,750,000

          –  Pay N58,400 monthly(x 6months)

          – 12 months payment                        =  N6,250,000

          –  Pay N33,400 monthly(x 12months)


          Executive plots(120 * 60ft – 648sqm)

          –  Outright payment                           =  N7,000,000

          – 6 months payment                          =  N7,500,000

          –  Pay N1,250,000 monthly(x 6months)

          – 12 months payment                        =  N8,000,000

          –  Pay N666,670 monthly(x 12months)

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