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These are hotel locks that operate with programmable cards. 

There are basically two types, the card insertion and card 

proximity types.

Teso Tech LTD markets and installs latest versions using card 

proximity reading rather than insertion.

Proximity types are more recent and have an advantage over the 

insertion types because they work faster and are more 

efficient. A guest probably drunk, tipsy, in a hurry or trying to 

escape from danger doesn’t have to struggle with locating 

the card slit on the door lock to insert the card. All he or she has 

to do is bring the card close (about 20mm) to the lock to 

gain entry. The lock features are as follows:

(a) Locks are powered by use finger size (AA) batteries, which can last for up to 18 

months, but warns during the last 3 months for the user to replace the batteries. Battery 

replacement is very simple, can be done by virtually anyone and does not require any 

special skills. If the battery replacement warning is carelessly ignored or if any unit 

becomes faulty, the locks have conventional keys that can be used to bypass the card 

access so that the lock can at the interim, function as an ordinary lock.

(b) User friendly software is installed in the receptionist’s computer with a card reader 

hardware connected. To check in a guest, a card is inserted in the reader and 

programmed to open the room selected by the guest. The card is usually programmed to 

contain the following information:

– Name of customer.

– Duration of stay: – Access to the room ceases at the expiration of programmed duration

of stay.

– Room data, checkin and checkout times and dates.

(c) The smart card used for the locks also operates the card switch / energy saver which 

replaces the conventional wall switch for operating the room light. Energy Saving Card 

Switch can be installed in rooms to disable power from selected equipment in the room in 

a case where the guest is not in the room. Refrigerators for example are expected to be on 

when the guest is absent, while air conditioners and room lights should be off. Also this 

card switch disables the selected equipment when the duration paid for expires.

(d) Hotel management and staff identity cards can be selectively programmed to have 

access to some or all rooms for clean up, laundry, room service or other purposes. Lock 

system keeps information of all entrances into rooms which can be retrieved to know who 

entered the rooms and at what time.

(e) User friendly and easy-to-use desktop computer software has the following features:

– Gives information on rooms in use and free rooms.

– Gives information on used rooms that require clean up and preparation for subsequent


– Keeps full data of all guests.

– Can enable or disable any card from having access to any room.

(f) The locks are easy to repair and maintain and can be used to replace existing 

conventional door locks without any major structural adjustments.

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