5a Medical Road opp purch ikeja, lagos.

Original Black Iphone 6 Replacement Screen. We replace and swap broken/cracked phone screens at affordable prices in our office at Ikeja. Fixing is free. We also give a N2000 discount if your broken screen is still functioning perfectly. Note: We had a guy come into the shop for a repair the other day with an iPhone so badly cracked you could see inside the thing.  It had been like that for 4 months.  The screen still worked so he just kept using it.  When he brought it to us there were several issues on intake:  the power button, the head phone jack and of course the screen.  He wanted us to make his phone perfect again and he was mad when the bill was high and the speaker didn’t work.  All I can say is that if you let your phone stay broken, basically leaving it open to the elements, you should not expect a perfect device after a repair.  Opening a phone like that is like opening a can of worms.  I have seen parts just fall off the motherboard of an iPod that was used cracked for 6 months.  Another iPod that was broken for 7 months but “left in a drawer” simply would not turn on after a new screen was installed.

In order to fix the screen on an iPhone, my technicians must dissemble the entire phone.  If you bring us a phone that has been cracked for longer than a few weeks, that disassemble process will be difficult to predict.  Even if the phone “works just fine” with the broken screen, once it is opened and the internal pressure is released, there is no telling how the components have been compromised by the moisture that has gotten into the phone through the cracked screen.

We never have problems with phones that are brought in within a few days of being broken.  Those are easy, straight forward repairs.  So, if you break your device…bring it in for a repair sooner rather than later, you will be much happier with the result.

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