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Revive Tumbler Pair is one of the most easiest & economical way to control diabetes, Overweight, Joint pains & high BP etc. It is made up of Vijayasar Wood, has the power to control sugar level in the blood. It also helps to control weight-increase.

In olden times, Ayurveda Treatment required the Diabetes patients to drink water, in which a piece of Vijayasar Wood was kept over-night. Then, Latin Naturopathy improved on the method by making a tumbler with this wood an easier & practical way to achieve the same result, for the same purpose.

Since ancient times, Ayurvedacharyas used blocks/pieces of Vijaysar to control diabetes. Pieces of Vijaysar were soaked in water overnight and in the morning, the same was sieved with cloth and given to the diabetes patient. Such a practice carried out regularly had dramatic results in controlling diabetes.


A natural Ayurvedic treatment to control diabetes.

It has a magnificent role in reducing excessive fat from the body.

It also controls blood sugar level & purifies blood

Improves digestion

How to use

Fill the wooden tumbler with drinking water at night.

When you wake up in the morning, empty the tumbler , now coloured water in to a clean tumbler and drink it.

Continue this for at least 30 days and when the colour of the water stops changing the colour, scratch the inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use again for 7-15 days.

After this either break the tumbler into small pieces and use one small piece in one teacup of water till the colour of the water changes.

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