Are you planning to make your roof suitable, by using PVC water gutter that have the ability of preventing rain water forming an algae on your floor?…… THe collector give ur building modern looks and channel the rain water down tru the pipes with low pressure.

Dont hesitate to call Niyi whatapp 08169498907 or 07088455485

My experience in this online marking
Why do I advertise online?
(1) To make an awareness of the brands of water gutters to those with no idea.
(2) To make an easy for those who are not chance at all.
(3) To make it easy for those in abroad to see (pictures) of what they can get at Home.
(4) To make U knw the types, prices so that your builders wont charge u too outrageous
(5) To make u safe cost and energy.
But the reverse is the case to many Nigerians home and Abroad.
(1) Some client will call ask question frustrates you and go for good after using u for free measurements.
(2) After you sent series of pictures and prices to some on whatsapp, that is the end of transaction.
(3) Some clients will try to defraud you.
(4) Some after coming to the warehouse scattered all what you store. Ans, “I will get back to you”. That the last you will see them.
(5) Some after knowing the showroom/warehouse, they tell u to deliver before payment.
All these are pure selfishness and wicked. If you are not ready to buy my products, don’t call/whatsaap me. Because I advertised Online.

For LAGOS environs( ABIJO, Ajah, Lagos)

ABJUA environs( Mabuchi, Idu. Abuja)

We sale and do the fixing engineering of roofing and water collectors across Nigeria

Rushtec technology is the best standard coy u can trust

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