Kiev - Ukraine

Fellow citizens ! Do not let your dream to slip away from you. Ukraine of today will make your dream come true by providing you with the affordable and quality education through the following courses:

medicine, pharmacy, computer science, civil, aviation and mechanical engineering, economics.

Lectures are conducted in both english and ( ukrainian or russian languages ).

On arrival foreign students study the local language ( preparatory faculty ) in order to be able to read and write and communicate while they are doing their courses. Universities do have exchange programs with universities in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia. Contact me ( mobile,WhatsApp & Viber ( +380509704225 ) email: ) 

Tuition fee is paid on arrival.

NB: Registration is going on for this academic year! 

Services that i  provide to students in Ukraine are :  

 Course Selection 

 University Selection 

 Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges 

 Visa Assistance  

 Airport Assistance 

 Accommodation Services 

 Part Time Job Guidance  

 Registration for Entrance ( temporary residential permit ) 

 Immigration assistance 

 Visitor Visas 

 Overseas Work permits 


 Collaboration Services to Institutions

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