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Online vehicle tracking is a future investment which you cannot afford to ignore if you are in the fleet management business in South Africa. The concern that most managing director’s face every day is multiple when we consider tracking a fleet of vehicles or trucks and drivers. This particular industry is open to unsavoury and unethical behaviour by some drivers which impacts negatively on your bottom line and management costs.

With the arrival of iTrack Live’s online tracking solution, your fleet of vehicles and drivers no longer have free reign to deviate from delivery routes or drive recklessly. These are some of the problems experienced by fleet management companies, which manifest if unnoticed. With iTrack Live’s online tracking software; all issues will be identified in real time, online, in the surrounds of your office.

The online solution gives the manager viewing rights to the entire fleet’s movements across suburbs and cities. You will be able to see exactly when a vehicle parked and arrived at a particular customer, with an updated positioning feature every fifteen seconds. The constant availability of your fleet’s whereabouts throughout the business day is crucial to your company’s growth potential and continued positive customer feedback. You know that delivery of products and supplies to your clients is what makes your business critically viable or completely futile when you want to provide continued customer satisfaction.

It is time to invest in the efficient and maintainable software solution offered by iTrack Live exclusively. One of the benefits to integrating this online iTrack Live system is that you have control over how you manage your fleet from the time business begins daily. You cannot afford to penny pinch when clients are phoning to complain as to the non-arrival of an order, and the cost of losing a large client will be great and unfortunate. When your vehicle delivery company needs improvement and your fleet needs to deliver punctually and consistently all the time, without fault, the value of the online iTrack Live vehicle tracking system will become indispensable to your company’s increased profit and compulsory deliverables. Choose iTrack Live today.

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