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Metal detectors and scanners are generally used for the detection 

of weapons such as knives and guns, especially in airport 

security posts, banks, prisons, schools, nightclubs, retail outlets, 

warehouses, conferences, and other security priority areas. 

Metal detectors are routinely used for police searches, crowd 

control, and package inspection. The ability to detect 

weapons and other dangerous metal objects increases security for 

all concerned. Handheld detectors help safeguard establishments 

and can be used for any special event.

They are also applied in de-mining (the detection of land mines) 

activities and in the construction industry to detect steel 

reinforcing bars in concrete and pipes and wires buried in walls 

and floors.

Teso Tech Ltd markets, installs and maintains handheld, 

walkthrough types, and baggage scanners widely employed in 

security posts for detection of dangerous weapons.

Our products include a range of lightweight handheld metal 

detectors suitable for tough environments and constant use. 

The detectors can find both ferrous and non ferrous metal and are 

available with increasing levels of sensitivity and both audio and 

visual alarms.

Our walk-through metal detectors, conform to all International Security Standards.

They are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 quality procedures using the most 

advanced electronic technology. 

The unique patented gate design is compact utilizing minimal amounts of space. The 

exterior polymer coating is extremely durable and water-resistant preventing damage to 

internal components. The aesthetics of our metal detectors makes them the ideal solution 

for the most demanding architectural environments. The control units are integrated into the 

structures of the gates and are characterized by high reliability and immunity to 

electromagnetic interference and can be integrated with cameras to take and record images 

of persons suspected of possessing weapons.

All metal detectors play important ancillary function. It is not intended to replace vigilance. 

Nothing replaces a well thought-out and implemented system for safety. Metal detectors 

help detect items that may go unnoticed by even the most careful professional.

Primarily, we are associated with the shippment, sales and set-up of all form of walk through metal detector

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