The JEM CAPITAL QUICK PLAN is a Business Plan/Feasibility Study/Grant Proposal Writing Service that writes a Business Plan, Grant Proposal, or Feasibility Study for your business or endeavour and its ready within 24 Hours. Can be used for : 1) Sourcing investors. 2) Sourcing Finance from Financial Institutions. 3) Business Planning. 4) Business Restructuring 5)Profit Potential of Business.

The Table of content includes : 1) Cash flow statement, 2) Projected Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Statement 3) Milestone Table 4) Industrial Analysis 5) Sales Forecast. It will also contain a value added section unique only to our JEM CAPITAL QUICK PLAN which is the ACTION PLAN. The action plan will contain your day to day implementation of the business plan. All these at a 90% discount! Call 08163422669 now while the JEM CAPITAL PROMO lasts!

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