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Surface Mount Delineator Reflective Warning Post

6 Sets Orange Color Surface Mount Delineator Reflective Warning Post

A delineator is a simple guide that tells pedestrians and motorists which way to go. Using a delineator is an effective way to safely redirect traffic away from potentially harmful situations. There are a variety of delineators in various shapes and sizes to suit all the possible situations encountered by pedestrians and motorists. Impact – resistant and flexible delineators are made of TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane – highly versatile elastomer) ideal for any application where high performance and durability are important, including exit lane delineation, changes in road alignment, centerline traffic separation or urban turn restrictions. They can be als used in no-parking zones, fire lanes, etc. High visibility is maintained by reflective sheeting or reflective collars.

Multi-purpose, hi-impact, tubular “flat” channelizers were designed to withstand vehicle abuse and impacts of up to 55 MPH. Whether you’re looking for a solution to delineate traffic merging onto a freeway or to manage traffic flow within a parking facility, these durable and flexible surface mount posts will outlast any competitive alternative.
Ideal For: Indoor / outdoor parking garages, highways, drive-thru lanes, etc.
Colors available: Orange
Tops are can be flattened (paddle shaped)
50 or more vehicular impacts at 55 MPH
Quick and easy-to-install on asphalt, concrete, or any other hard surface
Colored tube and surface mount base are fade-resistant and UV stabilized
Made from post-consumer recycled plastic

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